Women's Leadership and Gender Equity

We’ve been empowering women since 1869: The Pennsylvania Female College (now Chatham University) was founded to give women access to higher education. Since then, we’ve kept women’s leadership and gender equity at the forefront of our mission.
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Centers & Community Outreach

Chatham promotes women’s leadership and gender equity through its award winning education and outreach programs, including the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics, and the Chatham Women’s Institute.

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Outside the Classroom

Chatham University offers a wide variety of activities outside the classroom for graduate and undergraduate students interested in women's leadership and gender equity, including places to live, scholarships, clubs, special events, lectures, films, retreats, and so much more!

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Teaching and Scholarship

Chatham University supports the scholarship and pedagogical practice of women's leadership and gender equity, on our campus and beyond. Our faculty are experts in the scholarship and pedagogical practice of promoting women's leadership and gender equity. 

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Campus Climate

To support a welcoming and inclusive living, learning, and working environment at Chatham University, we use an intersectional social justice approach that recognizes the interlocking nature of power systems that often must be addressed simultaneously.

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LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

Chatham is committed to a campus environment that is supportive and engaging for students who identify across the gender spectrum and sexual identity spectrum, including those who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming.

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Gender Inclusivity

The CSG class of 2021 created this gender inclusivity video to provide an educational awareness for incoming students, faculty, and staff members. Chatham continually strives for gender equity, and does not tolerate discrimination.

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Triota Honor Society

Chatham University has been recognized as the newest chapter (Zeta Zeta) of the National Women's & Gender Studies Honor Society, Iota Iota Iota (a.k.a. Triota). A national honor society with over 150 chapters, Triota’s purpose is to encourage and support scholarship, excellence, and activism in women's and gender studies.

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Women's Leadership & Gender Equity